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When you have a member of your hygiene team out, it’s normal to hire temporary help to cover the schedule. As Dental CPAs, we understand a recurring issue dentists face is how to properly pay temporary hygienists. Whether a temporary hygienist is there to help to fill-in for a day or to help your office …

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Here is a scenario for you: You planned a personal trip to Los Angeles, arriving on Friday afternoon and leaving on Sunday afternoon. About a week later, you learn that a vendor you need to meet with is going to be in L.A. when you are. You arrange a dinner on Friday night to discuss …

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The simple maneuver of converting your personal residence to a rental property brings with it many tax rules, mostly good when you know how they work. The first question that arises when you convert a personal residence into a rental is how to determine the property’s tax basis for depreciation purposes during the rental period …

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