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DDS CPA Firm San Diego

Are you looking for a DDS CPA in San Diego? If you are a doctor of dental surgery, you have a lot of experience with people and taking care of their teeth. However, you might not have as much experience with the financial aspects of a business. Our dental CPAs can help you out with that. Reach out to us at Engage Advisors to learn more.

Hiring an Accountant for Your Dental Practice in San Diego

Above, we discussed a few things to consider before starting a dental practice. One of those things was considering your finances. If you need help with your finances, you can consult the dental accountant experts at Engage Advisors. We offer many different services, and you can learn about a few of them below.

Dental Accounting

There are a lot of different services associated with dental accounting. At Engage Advisors, we offer many different dental accounting services. Some of these services include tax planning, filing tax returns, and payroll. It is important to be prepared for your taxes, and we can even file them for you. We also handle everyday accounting things like payroll and bookkeeping to keep your practice running smoothly. We have automated systems that we can set up to save you time and to help you make the most of your systems. We also offer accounting services like dental dashboards and strategy meetings. Dental dashboards are where we track different aspects of your business in real time. We track areas so that we can show you any areas that may need extra attention or improvement. We also offer strategy sessions to help you set goals and make plans for the future of your dental practice. These strategy meetings can keep you on track and growing like you want to be. 

Financial Planning

Another one of the services that we offer you is financial planning. This is essential because when you own a dental practice, you have to think about your financial future and your retirement plans. You play an active role in whether or not you get what you are looking for with your financial future, but we can help you along the way. Our financial experts specialize in planning for those that work in the dental and medical fields, so we have knowledge of your industry and what you need to do to set yourself up for success. We will help you come up with a plan that fits with your current lifestyle and the goals you have for your future lifestyle. 


Are you looking to buy a dental practice? Are you looking to sell your dental practice? If either of those is the case, we can offer you financial help with those transitions. These transitions have a lot of different factors to consider. For example, when you are selling your practice, you have to think about marketing to qualified buyers to ensure that your practice is getting good offers. Those things are things we can help you out with. We will help you more easily move through these transitions to make your business owning process easier. 

Are you looking for some help from a DDS CPA? You can get the expertise you need from Engage Advisors. Engage Advisors is made up of financial experts that have experience in the dental industry. We can help you with your finances and make your practice more financially successful. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you. We can set up a call to answer any questions you might have.

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