Congratulations, it’s time to make your dental practice ownership dream a reality!

The transition process may seem overwhelming, but with Engage Advisors by your side, you will get there. The next few months require hundreds of moving pieces to align for you to become an owner. Our comprehensive Engage Ownership Program keeps track of these pieces, looks out for you, and sets you up for success well beyond signing the purchase agreement. We have helped hundreds of dentists become owners and look forward to helping you too!
"Engage Advisors has been with me throughout my career – from my first year as an associate through the practice transition and purchase into ownership. They have helped my business and personal finances run smoothly and I appreciate the organization when it comes to my bill pay, payroll, accounting, and taxes. Great group of individuals that truly care! "
Dr Jennifer Veurink - Mitchell Dental Care Center
"I approached Engage Advisors as I prepared to transition from associate to owner. Drew was an amazing advocate, providing personal and professional insights that helped to guide me through the evaluation and consideration of two potential acquisition opportunities. His insights helped me to avoid transition pitfalls, and he also provided a detailed roadmap of checkpoints to cross as I worked towards day one of practice ownership, and beyond. I have continued to feel confident in the support and advice I receive as a continuing client of Engage Advisors, and look forward to continued practice success with them in my corner "
Dr James Peterson - Peterson Dental Care
"Drew and his team made acquiring my first practice relatively effortless – they helped me understand what was important and kept the entire process and myself organized. Since becoming a dental practice owner, the support continues – the Engage team is an endless source of knowledge and always able to help. They also introduced me to Profit First that has been a game changer! Thanks Engage Advisors, you are truly invaluable!” "
Dr Jason Edwards - Wakarusa Family Dental
"The Engage Advisors team have a ton of experience when it comes to purchasing an existing dental office. As a young buyer looking to purchase my first dental practice, the due diligence process was daunting, but I was confident thanks to Engage’s deep dig into the valuation process. From the expectations of the seller and buyer to the timing to get things done from a financial perspective, the advisors at Engage have the track record for getting the deal done and done right! "
Dr Alex George - Pittsburgh Dentistry
"Engage Advisors simplified the buying process and provided a personal client first service throughout. Their hard-working team took my complex issues, communicated clear answers to my questions and ultimately, got the best results. I highly recommend! "
Dr Ben Alvarez, - Artizan Dental Care
"Drew and his Engage Advisors team were the epitome of professionalism and thoroughness during the acquisition of my new dental practice. They kept me on track for a seamless transition into practice ownership. The pleasant transition experience with Engage led to our office continuing our relationship for both accounting and wealth management. I would recommend Engage to any dentist looking to purchase a practice or simplify their daily practice management. "
Dr Daniel Guerra - Lighthouse Dental Care

Common Questions from Buyers

  • Can I afford to buy this dental practice?
  • How will I come up with the money?
  • Will the Seller stay on and in what capacity?
  • Are accounts receivable included in the sale?
  • Does all of the equipment work?
  • How do I obtain a national provider number?
  • What employee paperwork do I need to provide my new team?

Start Your Journey to Ownership

Rest assured, on the right track. Offer a comprehensive path to ownership. Experience, walk you through.
The journey to ownership is not easy, but with us guiding you, you’ll get there.
The journey to dental practice ownership is exciting and nerve-wracking. We’ve helped hundreds of dentists through the transition to ownership and can help you too. Our comprehensive Engage Ownership Program ensures that every detail is taken care of - from “preparing for financing” to “adding your name as the owner on the website”, we are your ‘go to’ partner.

Engage Ownership Program for Buyers

This is the first step in our comprehensive Engage Ownership Program. We meet you (the buyer/s) and learn about your life and career goals. We then take a high-level review of your financials and negotiate terms for the letter of intent (LOI). We work with your banker or, can help you obtain one, and seek financial pre-approval. In this phase, we also start working with your attorney and commercial real estate broker for lease representation. If you do not have an attorney or commercial real estate broker, we can help you find one. Thanks to our experience with dentists transitioning to owners, we have a large network of trusted professionals and can make recommendations to represent you.

Setup for Success

Engage Advisors is more than a CPA firm, we look after our dentist clients professionally and personally. This phase is about preparing you to become an owner and understand our Profit First mentality. We also work with you to ensure that your life and disability insurance is adequate as well as your financial treatment plans. Too often, we see dental practice owners that are not adequately insured or do not have a plan for managing debt, systematically saving for goals, and understanding their money. Our clients have clear goals, and we guide them achieve them!


Securing funding often requires preparation that includes clean financials. It also requires a partner to help the buyer understand the technical language and nuances of the loan they are seeking. Engage Advisors works directly with you and your banker to ensure clarity and fairness

Contracts and Purchase Agreement

In this phase, Engage Advisors reviews the draft purchase agreement with you as well as all items that are to be included and excluded in the sale. Our role is to review the accuracy and completeness of all items to make sure there are no surprises later that could cost you thousands. This phase also includes liaising with the Seller and attorney/s to review the building purchase and/or lease agreement, post-closing employment or professional services agreement as well as the state tax clearance letter. Engage Advisors keeps track of these crucial items and keeps everyone moving forward.

Due Diligence

Every phase of your Engage Ownership Program is important, but the due diligence phase is arguably the most important to avoid surprises. This phase is broken into two parts: in-person due diligence and financial due diligence. Some of the in-person due diligence includes reviewing patient charts, IT infrastructure for gaps and needs, HR matters, taking inventory of all equipment and testing to ensure it is in good working order and more. The financial due diligence includes verifying tax returns against P&Ls and paystubs, reviewing tax return transcripts, A/R aging debtors and patient credit reports, professional license and business entity searches and much more.

Identification Numbers & Licenses

This phase is about setting you up to run your business legally and efficiently. Your Engage Advisors team will provide you with the pros and cons of each business entity type (C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, etc.) so that you have the best balance of tax benefits and legal protection. This phase also includes obtaining multiple state and federal numbers and licenses, including your federal EIN#, state tax IDs, and business licenses to name a few.


Understanding and managing your PPOs effectively can make or break your profitability. The national average write-off is 40%, meaning that each dollar discounted comes from your profit. In this phase, we work with you to determine if you’d like professional help with credentialing and fee schedule negotiations or if you’d like to spend dozens of hours and do it yourself.

Business Setup

Setting your business up correctly on day one is imperative. This phase includes several critical items such as insurance, ongoing accounting and business support services, setting up business banking accounts and credit card accounts as well as payroll, employee benefits, QuickBooks online, and merchant account processing so that you can receive credit card payments from patients. New and experienced business owners can be overwhelmed by this phase, but with Engage Advisors, you have a seasoned partner at your side.

Employee Setup

Successful dental practice ownership includes a great team to care for your patients. Communicating your new ownership, answering their questions and ensuring that their pay and employment contracts are accurate is vital. Engage Advisors works with you to make sure that your team is looked after from a legal compliance perspective and beyond.

Administrative Setup

Prior to day one of ownership, there is a long admin ‘to do’ list that needs to be completed. Engage Advisors has a comprehensive overview to help make sure nothing is forgotten. Some of the items include changing all provider numbers in your patient management program, setting up lab accounts, obtaining and reviewing HIPPA and OSHA manuals and much more. Working with our team helps you keep track of the countless admin setup tasks that you can’t afford to get wrong.

Marketing Setup/Updates

Dental practice owners may choose to update their marketing foundations or have an aggressive marketing plan. Whatever you choose as an owner, getting your marketing basics setup or updated needs to happen first. This may include transferring your URL or website hosting, updating your logo, stationary, email signatures, signage, website and local online search to name a few. Rest assured, Engage Advisors helps to makes sure that your dental practice marketing basics are in order.

Ongoing Ownership Support

Congratulations, you are a dental practice owner! Engage Advisors knows what it takes to run a profitable dental practice. If you’d like to engage with us to manage your practice’s financial details, we’ll help you run a financially healthy dental practice. We look forward to a long and successful relationship!

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