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A Dental CFO Is Affordable and Adds High Value

When you run a small business, the cost of services is always a concern. Many of our clients at Engage Advisors say they initially put off calling us because they had the perception that a Dental CFO would be more expensive. After they did become clients, they learned two things. First – they realized that […]

Grow Your Practice by Harnessing the Power of Your Data

To grow your practice, you need to know how it’s performing today – I mean really know things like your hygiene pre-appointment rate, treatment acceptance rate, appointment no-show rate, and new patients per month. All the information you need should be readily available and current, so you can call it up, track it and then […]

Dentists: The Advantages of Ownership Have Never Been Greater

This Spring, about 6,000 men and women will graduate from dental schools across the country. Most will sign on as associates in dental practices, but in a few years, they’ll face a big decision – whether or not they should buy their own practice. Owning a practice may not be for everyone but there are […]

Fiscal Discipline is a Solid Strategy for New Dentists

By the time most dentists earn their degree, they typically owe $200K-300K in student loans. At the same time, the majority of new dental graduates will start their career earning six figures. The risk for dentists is that their high earning potential can blind them to the ramifications of carrying a lot of debt. That’s […]

Kansas City & Chicago Dental CPA Firms Merge, Expanding Dental Niche Expertise

Overland Park, Kansas, February 5, 2015 — The CPA firms of Hinrichs LLC and Pesavento and Pesavento, Ltd., have merged, resulting in a firm with more dental industry knowledge and expertise than ever previously available in the Kansas City and Chicago marketplaces. The merged firm, Hinrichs+Pesavento LLC, collectively represents more than 500 dental clients, resulting […]