Engage Advisors is comprised of over 30 CPAs, accountants, advisors and support administration that have a laser focus on making dental practices profitable. With offices in Kansas City, San Diego and Chicago, we are able to partner with our clients throughout the United States in person and virtually.

Our Team

Drew Hinrichs
Gulzar Ahmed
Client Advisor & Chicago Office Director
Taylor Richardson
CRPS®, AIF, Financial Advisor
Justin Pothoven
CPA, Client Advisor & Kansas City Office Director
Blake Limbaugh
CRPS®, Financial Advisor
Spencer Wesley
Realtor® - Dental Practice Broker
Jessie Campbell
Administrative Specialist, Chicago Office
Nour Alghussein
Senior Associate, San Diego Office
Kelli Leskoff
Accounting Manager, San Diego Office
Judy L. Vera
Senior Associate, Chicago Office
Jennifer LaRocca
Hygiene Coach, Chicago Office
Ben Stone
Director, Business Development
Tim McGinnis
Tax Manager, Clearwater Office
Thomas Churchwell
Senior Accountant, Clearwater Office
Rob Wood
Senior Accountant, Clearwater Office
Marianne Odze
Staff Accountant, Clearwater Office
Marie De Angelo
Staff Accountant, Clearwater Office
Melanie Burgess
Project Manager, Clearwater Office
Kiesha Baker
Staff Accountant, Clearwater Office
Charlie Smith
Senior Accountant, Clearwater Office
Cindy Boehm
Administrative Assistant, Clearwater Office
Anna Knipe
Staff Accountant, Clearwater Office
Vera Capotrio
Staff Accountant, Clearwater Office
Vanessa Alvarez
Accounting & Billing Specialist, San Diego Office
Susan Nevenhoven
Client Advisors & San Diego Office Director